Services & Supports

To all customers, the prompt respondence from professional technology team to solve any matters during emergency is very important and essential. Consequently, Newtrans tries to provide more services approaches to customers. These approaches are as following:


Newtrans provides after-services support from 9:00AM to 18:00PM at working days by telephone. On weekend, you can also get support in two hours once search help from us. If you meet problems, you can call Newtans's hotline services numbers. The professional staff will assist you to solve problems effectively and efficiently at once.


Newtrans provides after-services support from 9:00AM to 18:00PM at working days by E-mail. You can send E-mail to Newtrans's experts to ask questions and reflect operational difficulty. The experts are willing to provide supports through E-mail to you as soon as possible.


Fax is a traditional approach and the working time is also from 9:00AM to 18:00PM at working days. If you find system matters, you can show your problems to us by fax. The fax number is 021-53930093-816. The experts will reply you and guide you solve the problems as soon as they can.


In order to enhance the efficiency, Newtrans provides Online Query to assist you to seek solutions about common problems with technology quotes. On the other hand, this online knowledge quotes also can regard as a forum; it provides all Newtrans's customers a place to communicate with each other. Through the forum, you may find some new effective ways, which you did not know before, to utilize Newtrans's product.

Remote Maintenance

When you meet some complex problems about systems or some problems which you do not know how to explain clearly, the experts can help you find and solve these by remote control.

On-site support

In most cases, remote maintenance is the most effectiveness approach. Nevertheless, some problems cannot be found and solved by remote maintenance. At that time, do not worries, Newtrans would provide on-site services to debug systems and resolve the matters. The experts are willing to do their possible to reduce your losses. Unfortunately, this service is not a free project and you will pay certain charges.