Services & Supports

A powerful software supplier will guarantee your system running smoothly and keeping updates to latest function. Generally speaking, the choice of software in fact is the choice of the supplier. If the supplier is unreliable, the software will be difficult for the users to update and utilize. Therefore, the main purpose of Newtrans is to provide reliable and high quality systems which can help corporations solve matters. Newtrans provides following services:


Newtrans customize optimum IT solutions and high efficiency workflow through comprehensive analysis and survey about customers' businesses and IT system frame. These solutions can help you to enhance efficiency and core competitiveness, and reduce costs through optimizing organizational structure, reform workflow and integrating information systems.


According to diversity requirements, Newtrans provides individual implement. In addition, you can obtain a deliberate and reliable scenario through the complete implement and training services by Newtrans to approximate the anticipant targets.


Newtrans supports customization services when it is necessary. Through the detailed analyzing, our experienced experts develop custom-tailor system to meet the special requirements about you. Meanwhile, Newtrans keeps in touch with you during the procedure and tries to develop system on the basis of your tragets.

Training Services

In order to keep smooth operation, Newtrans provide you well-edited training materials. Moreover, Newtrans also provide various training methods for you to choose, such as on-site demonstration, specially designed instruction, remote video demonstration and etc.

No pay in Support of First Year

Generally speaking, each new system would meet integrating matters at the beginning. Therefore, Newtrans provide one-year gratuitous support to assist users to be familiar with the system.


As we all know, the software technologies change with each passing day. Thus, Newtrans would follow the development to improve the performances about the products and solve any problems feed-backed from you at all times.


As a software supplier, keeping communications with customers is important to Newtrans. During the consideration, Newtrans plan to pay once return visit every year. At the same time, if necessary, Newtrans is willing to pay return visits to communicate with customers anytime. The way of our feed back including face to face interview, via phone, e-mails and etc. Through reviewing, experts can collect and analyze relative application information. According to the results, expert will give some solutions and improvements.