Ocean-Air forwarder

With the globalization and development of international trades, logistics is becoming the essential part of trades. In the process of globalization, both domestic and overseas shipping enterprises integrated their businesses horizontally and vertically. Meanwhile, the international magnates set subsidiaries rapidly over the whole world. However, unfortunately, most of Chinese companies just regard the price difference and booking commission as key sources of profits. Now this situation is facing the challenge which means the price strategy does not have advantage in the market. How about the future?

To a forwarder company, if it does not have sufficient supports about information management, it has to implement price strategy. Most of domestic developing companies face the same problems: taking shape, do businesses with traditional method, and just providing primary services about logistics. To them, it is difficult to support additional logistics services and complete scenario about logistics, such as logistics information, warehouse management, the design of scenario and etc. t In order to fill up these deficiencies, these developing companies are willing to seek suitable information managerial system to enhance effectiveness about management and decrease costs. As developing companies just have low budgets and profits, they consider profit and loss further than developed companies. Therefore, they avoid to invest hugely and more inclined to let third party system supplier to help them achieve enterprise informationalization.

According to these conditions, Newtrans launched Ocean and Air Forwarder solution which focuses on the requirements about small and medium-sized freight forwarder enterprises. The solution is the product which is combined with Newtrans's advanced experience about software services, and latest management image and business processes about logistics by information technologies. The solution can provide professional and accurate services which included the needs of localization about businesses and sustained development for small and medium-sized logistics enterprises to solve managerial matters.