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With the rapid development of Internet, now more and more companies seek accurate and quick electronic communication. Most of them are willing to do businesses anywhere. As this reason, the e-business has become popular and important to the company. In order to enhance the effectiveness and strengthen competitiveness, some domestic logistics enterprises began to utilize and develop e-business.

The main purpose of development about e-Route is to meet the requirements of domestic companies which include import and export forwarding, customs declaration, warehouse management, distribution and so on. The user also can trace the information about cargo, container, and relative accessories by e-Route. Except these functions, e-Route also can provide freight settlement condition related with above business.

As e-business, it should meet the demands of both separated business and the business which needs cooperation of different areas. The reason is that sometimes one business should involve diverse areas of the whole process. Thus, the function about multi-functional integration is essential to the e-business.

In the products chain of Newtrans, e-Route and Ocean and Air forwarder solution can be complementary. In other words, the well combination of e-Route and the solution can enhance the working effectiveness and decrease the error. In general, the e-business should reflect the real-time situation in time. Thus, the e-business could promote operators to finish the process of business on time.