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The Logistic Company's Background

The company originates from the leading Italian freight groups with nearly 35 years standing experience of air & sea freight forwarding and logistics. She is also the member of the IATA. The company is the headquarters for the region of China Mainland with the role of taking the charge of arranging and assorting with the local service in China. The key business is the Freight Forward service between Shanghai and Italy or between Shanghai and Spain both by air and sea. Its market share is of great significance in Shanghai.
The company in China offering the world wide clients a unique, reliable and personalized service between the China Mainland and the other countries for air & sea freight forwarding and logistics. In addition, this company had been qualified by ISO9001 and licensed as NVOCC. She sets up branches in Qingdao and Ningbo respectively.


The main business about this logistics company is the integrative logistics services involved in air, ocean and warehouse businesses. As the advanced services networks in Europe, this company is the leader of European logistics areas in China within late years. In order to keep and expand its advantages, the company began to pay more attention to optimize internal management not only in business but also in finance. The more centralized management, the higher services the company can provide. Therefore, the purposes of the system which this logistics company needs are as following:
1、Enhance the operational efficiency and quality of services by standardizing flows.
2、Decreasing the overhead costs by simplifying the procedure and centralizing management.
3、Sharing the basic data and coordinating with each office. On the other hand, the financial data will be transacted centralizedly in financial center of the system.
4、Conduct the seamless data transfer between financial system and our products through EDI.
5、Provide additional services to their customers by E-business website integrated with business information system.

Newtans Product's Advantages

According to their requirements, Newtrans provided Ocean and Air forwarder solution for this logistics company especially. This solution covers ocean freight forwarding, air freight forwarding, financial settlement and statistics with various reports. Ocean and Air forwarder solution adopts triplex schema, which means setting central database in headquarters and connecting each office with internet. This design can help the company save costs about hardware and managerial maintenance.
Simultaneously, this design also helps the company realize the centralization and sharing of data, and real-time control for valued information. Moreover, the solution provides unique center for financial settlement which can support headquarters controlling accounting for branches. This means the branches can do financial activities by themselves and then they should send all relative data to the center database which is located in headquarters. This can increase the control of the headquarters and assist to avoid the potential risks.
In addition, this solution also provides some specially financial supports like settlement by multi-currency, adjustment exchange rate flexibly, financial data statistics and etc. Through the control of various reports, the staff can know the changes about AR/AP, profits, aging, balance and others whenever. Generally speaking, some decisions would depend on this information and the Ocean and Air forwarder solution would assist the logistics company to get this information clearly and easily.


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  • Tel: (86)2161075821,(86)2161075822
  • Fax: +86-21-53930094-816

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