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Frankfurt aims to be first for pharma

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Frankfurt is becoming Europe´s largest certified pharmaceutical hub, says the Germany gateway’s Air Cargo Community. With the airport’s Perishable Center and Bolloré Logistics Germany already having completed certification under IATA’s (Centre of Excellence for Independent Validators) scheme, a further nine companies have also started the nine-month process. They include handlers Celebi Cargo, FCS Frankfurt Cargo Services, Fraport Ground Handling Services, LUG air cargo handling, Swissport Cargo Services Deutschland and the airline operations and Cool Center arms of German national carrier, Lufthansa Cargo. Implementation should be completed by early 2017 at the latest.


At that point, over 95% of freight handling companies and approximately 85% of apron transporters and loaders will be certified. Major freight forwarders are also in the process of certification.


Joachim von Winning, executive director of the Air Cargo Community Frankfurt, said: "With comprehensive certification of the entire process chain we will have independent confirmation and can recommend Frankfurt as the Pharma-Gateway for Europe. At the same time we also see the certification process as an opportunity to optimize services and processes…and respond even better to the needs and requirements of freight forwarders and pharmaceutical companies.”


The 38-member Air Cargo Community Frankfurt covers all aspects of the cargo supply chain with the objective of promoting Frankfurt as an airfreight hub. It intends to have each step of the process certified to ensure reliability and security and is also coordinating special training for the employees of participating firms.


With more than 100,000 tonnes of pharmaceutical freight a year using Frankfurt, the Air Cargo Community Frankfurt and its Temperature Controlled Transport – Pharma competence team are also checking each step of the process for possible optimization. It is developing new shared products, such as the Cool Dolly to offer a cost-effective solution for temperature-controlled pharmaceutical shipments on the apron.


It has also arranged a visit programme for representatives of pharmaceutical companies to show what Frankfurt has to offer.





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