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Temperature-sensitive cargo — Emirates has it covered

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Emirates SkyCargo has launched White Cover Advanced, a next-generation version of its protection product for valuable temperature-sensitive cargo, including pharmaceuticals. 


Weighing no more than 3kg, the special sheet completely encloses the shipment and allows for cooling during transportation and cold storage. Application take two people no more than eight minutes to wrap a pallet, said the Dubai-based operator of passenger and freighter aircraft.


White Cover Advanced uses DuPont’s patented Tyvek material made of high density polyethylene to form a tough protective barrier against varying external temperatures and direct sunlight.


The material is water resistant to prevent moisture damage while breathable, thereby reducing condensation and dryness. It is 100% recyclable.


While the White Cover is used in the Middle East carrier’s cool chain solutions for perishables, such as vegetables and fresh fruits, the advanced offers additional protection for packaged pharmaceutical shipments in Controlled Room Temperature (CRT) range and in insulated packaging.


Henrik Ambak, senior vice president of Emirates’ cargo operations worldwide, said: “The pharmaceutical industry moves products worth over $1trn annually. Temperature changes during transportation can pose a serious threat to the integrity of these sensitive products.


“They must be kept within different CRT bands in accordance with the revised European Union’s Good Distribution Practice. The White Cover Advanced, with its silver-coating technology, provides a reliable and affordable means of protecting these products from temperature spikes during air transportation.”


The carrier’s range of advanced protective techniques and solutions in transporting perishable products include: Cool Chain Premium, Cool Chain Advanced and Cool Chain Standard, each of which is designed to meet specific requirements of customers. 





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