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P&O chooses GateHouse for telematics

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Gatehouses’ product ‘ghCore’ will act as an enabler for integrating telematics data streams coming into the TMS in real time and ‘unify them into one data stream’. The product also delivers ‘secure data aggregation’, and includes distribution to validated and authorised asset data requests.


“Following P&O Ferrymasters’ in-house developed driver app and the full roll-out of real time track and trace devices on our owned trailer fleet, the remaining challenge was to connect our TMS system to the partners in Europe we daily manage for our customers within our general forwarding and 4PL supply chain solutions,” said Mark Mulder, P&O Ferrymasters’ contract logistics director.


“With the addition of the Gatehouse solution, P&O Ferrymasters both in its assets as well as in its managed transport solutions is now capable of providing full visibility across the business which is truly unique in our industry.”


According to P&O, the benefits of the system extend to the company’s subcontractor hauliers. It said that with unified data streams and real-time position being tracked by the company, hauliers will ‘no longer receive phone calls asking for updates about truck progress and position’.





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