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Port of Charleston prepares for growth in reefer cargo

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Charleston, South Carolina US: The rise in refrigerated cargo shipments is good news for major container ports, including the Port of Charleston.


The rise in refrigerated cargo shipments is good news for major container ports, including the Port of Charleston




Jim Newsome, president of South Carolina Ports Authority shared his perspective with JOC.com website on what it takes to accommodate reefer cargo and how the SCPA is positioning itself to capitalize on the future growth of this specialized cargo.


Newsome says the transition from specialized carriers to containers has been ongoing for several years. “The major container carriers have invested heavily in refrigerated container infrastructure and shipboard plugs to accommodate regularly scheduled refrigerated cargo trade, and it is hard to ignore the benefit of weekly sailings in the refrigerated cold chain.”


“South Carolina ports have addressed this shift by working at the state level to allow permitting of heavier loads on the proper roads, and have densified our reefer storage capacity through stacking and the addition of reefer racks to facilitate servicing, and the like.”


“We realized some time ago that growth in refrigerated container shipments in our port required an increase in nearby private sector transload capability. At that time, Charleston had only one such facility with 50,000 square feet. We worked very hard to attract additional private sector investments and were fortunate in the last two years to have three successes from that effort:


  • Agro Merchants’ development of a 120,000-square-foot facility
  • New Orleans Cold Storage’s addition of 90,000 square feet of capacity to its existing 50,000 square feet
  • Lineage Logistics’ development of 340,000 square feet of capacity in two phases.


A fourth local provider, Tides Enterprises, supplies additional cold storage capacity to a diverse cargo market. These world-class companies offer strong relationships and capability in this sector that create options for clients of our port.


Thanks in part to enhanced cold storage capacity, the port’s volumes of cold storage cargo increased 38 percent from 2011 to 2014, far outpacing the growth rates experienced by other South Atlantic ports.





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