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DB drops "rail" from its name

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DB Schenker Rail AG has been renamed DB Cargo AG


The restored "DB Cargo" name is part of a rebranding strategy. The name of the corresponding legal entity will change from DB Schenker Rail AG to DB Cargo AG. All the companies in Germany and elsewhere that currently have "DB Schenker Rail" in their name will be integrated into the new naming structure by the end of 2016, so for example, DB Schenker Rail UK will become DB Cargo UK, DB Schenker Rail Italia will become DB Cargo Italia, and so on.


Deutsche Bahn's rail business, both passengers and freight, were combined in the new Traffic and Transport Division in August 2015. DB wants to streamline activities in order to cut losses and be better prepared for the EU's Fourth Railway Package, although its critics say it has done all it can to thwart further liberalisation of the rail market.


In any event, commenting on the name change, Andreas Busemann, who heads the Sales department at DB Cargo, said: "The aim is to improve the product portfolio and service quality we offer our customers, and having the business units in the rail system partnering together will further that aim."


Going forward, both passenger transport and rail freight transport will use the DB logo, which will serve as a visual reflection of that partnership. The logo change will also make DB's brand profile more straightforward and unite all its rail activities under a single brand. In addition to the logo change, there has also been a structural one: rail and logistics activities have been separated in organizational terms.


Global logistics will use "DB Schenker" going forward, while rail freight transport will use "DB Cargo." "Although we are separating our logistics and rail businesses from each other by name, we will of course continue to offer integrated rail transport and logistics services throughout Europe where it makes sense for the market and our customers," said Busemann.


The name DB Cargo was first adopted in 1999 and was subsequently remaned Railion when DB acquired NS Cargo. Later the name DB Schenker Rail was adopted.





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