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Rickenbacker International had strong 2015

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Rickenbacker International Airport, an all-cargo facility based in Ohio, finished 2015 with an operating surplus of US$1.67 million. This figure represented the airport’s best close of a year since its operations became part of the Columbus Regional Airport Authority in 2003. The airport and select off-airport businesses account for more than 20,000 jobs in the area and an annual economic impact greater than $2 billion. The airport handled 482 all-cargo aircraft in 2015, up from 308 in 2014.


The airport saw many successes and growth in 2015, including the launch of twice-weekly service by Emirates SkyCargo. Cathay Pacific also increased its frequency of service from three to four times a week to Hong Kong, and with Cargolux, which has served Rickenbacker since 2013, with three weekly frequencies, there arenow nine international flights each week. In addition, Amazon is now building a 1 million-square-foot fulfillment center nearby.


Some projects that began last year are expected to bear fruit this year, including a new 100,000-square-foot cargo terminal and other infrastructure upgrades, paid for through a public-private partnership. The building, which will facilitate better air cargo movement between aircraft and trucks, is scheduled to be ready for occupancy by this spring. Community collaboration in 2015 also led to another capital project – the construction of a new air traffic control tower to replace the original World War II-era tower. This project should also be operational in the spring of 2016.


“While we are very pleased with the 2015 operational performance, the capital costs to maintain an airport the size of Rickenbacker are significant,” said Elaine Roberts, president and CEO of the Columbus Regional Airport Authority. “Continued partnerships and creative funding solutions will be critical to maintaining the thousands of jobs and growing economic impact to the area.”


Also in 2015 the airport began operating as a port of embarkation for livestock, including goats, horses and more, and business increased at Rickenbacker Aviation, a function of the airport authority that provides services ranging from fueling planes to cargo handling. Rickenbacker Aviation saw net operating income exceed $900,000 which reflects a 12 percent increase year-over-year.





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