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Singapore down 3M TEU

Time:2016-01-15 00:07 Source:World Cargo News Writer:admin Click:Times

Container throughput at the Port of Singapore fell 8.7% last year to 30.9M TEU


The steep decline to 30.9M TEU took Singapore back to a level just above its 2011 performance, when 29.9M TEU were handled. 


The gap between Shanghai, the world’s top container port, and Singapore has now widened considerably: Shanghai International Port Group has reported its throughput was 36.54M TEU last year, a 3.5% increase on the 35.29M TEU handled in 2014. The 5.6M TEU gap between Shanghai and Singapore is now almost equivalent to the throughput of the Port of New York New Jersey


In a statement the Maritime Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) said the decline “was largely caused by the overall slump in Asia-Europe volumes, compounded by developments such as the rebalancing of volumes across alliances agreements, and an increase in direct sailings due to lower bunker prices.”


The MPA and PSA Corporation have introduced a “suite of help measures” including a 10% concession on port dues for container vessels that will be in place for one year. “PSA will also put in more resources to help their customers through this period. PSA is working with their customers to enhance vessel productivity at the port and optimise network planning activities such as service deployments and phasing in and out of vessels, with the aim of lowering their operational costs.” MPA stated.



It also signalled that PSA is wiling to soften its stance on carriers operating their own terminals in Singapore; “PSA is also actively engaging container lines which wish to establish a long-term strategic presence in the Port of Singapore” MPA said. 





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