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EDI-Soft changes name to Consignor

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When the product becomes more widely known than the company, this creates confusion amongst customers. EDI-Soft has now rectified this by changing the company name to Consignor. This is the story about the child who became more famous than its parent.


In 1997, the software platform Consignor was born in a basement in Oslo, Norway. The company behind the software was EDI-Soft, who wanted to digitize the transport industry through effective software solutions. Today, 19 years later Consignor is one of the world's most widely used Delivery Management systems and completely overshadows the company’s own name.


"Back in 1997 we had to come up with a name for the company behind the software. We chose the name EDI-Soft. A name that fitted perfectly with the trend of that time: EDI. Today EDI as a term is more commonly used and known within the industry and as a result, is not memorable. Because of the software's enormous popularity, EDI-Soft now stands entirely in the shadow of its famous child Consignor. This creates confusion for our customers. Everyone knows the product, no one knows us. We now rectify this by giving the company and product the same name," said Consignor CEO Peter Tang Thomsen.


The name change is also part of the unification of the brand, which Consignor has worked determinedly on over the past year.


"A streamlined brand gives us a stronger identity and makes us ready for further expansion. This way we are only known by one overall name in new markets, and this fits in well with our plans on growing geographically," Peter Tang Thomsen continued.


A simpler communication helps to reinforce the brand among Consignor’s stakeholders.


Our new name is what we are


The Consignor name implies simpler communication all the way around, both for employees, customers and partners, according to Peter Tang Thomsen:


"We work at, develop and support Consignor. Partners support Consignor and customers use Consignor. When the company and product share the same name, we become easier to identity for future customers, who wants a solution that improves customer service, warehouse efficiency processes and invoice control in connection with their shipments.”


There are no feelings attached to concluding the EDI-Soft name.


"It is entirely unproblematic. We are proud of Consignor, and we are looking forward to the company having the same name. We are still the same people with the same ambitions and the same desire to enable our customers and partners to follow the rapid development, and continue to make delivery a decisive competitive factor," Peter Tang Thomsen concludes.




  • Consignor was founded in 1997 and today serves more than 10,000 customers worldwide from offices around the world.
  • Consignor helps its clients in improving the customer experience and delivery proposition, streamlining the shipping processes and in saving freight costs.
  • Consignor has the world's largest carrier library, and can be connected to all transport companies.




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