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ZIM expands its “ZIMonitor” fleet

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ZIM has ordered 1,9000 reefer containers designed to be equipped with its new reefer monitoring service “ZIMonitor”.



ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd launched ZIMonitor, its premium reefer cargo tracking service earlier this year. It will be expanding the service in 2016 with 1,900 new reefer containers that are “designed to accommodate the ZIMonitor service” and will have the special prefix ZMOU. ZIMonitor uses technology developed by ArrowSpot.



“ZIMonitor allows customers to track, monitor and remotely control sensitive, high-value cargo stowed in refrigerated, or reefer, containers. Customers can opt to receive alerts regarding their shipment via text message or email, closely monitor their cargo's status and intervene to prevent damages through ZIM’s 24/7 dedicated global response team” ZIM stated.  



ZIM partnered with Teva Pharmaceutical Industries on a pilot project for ZIMonitor earlier this year. “Upon the successful completion of the pilot” said ZIM, “the ZIMonitor service quickly gained popularity among ZIM's customer base”.


Nissim Yochai, ZIM’s VP of Global Sales stated, “We are very pleased with the growing demand for our monitored services. The ZIMonitor system was designed by ZIM for the cold supply chain and employs state-of-the-art technology. The service provides a tailored solution for customers who ship pharmaceuticals, perishable food and other high-value and sensitive cargo. As part of ZIM’s comprehensive strategy, we are committed to further enhance and improve our services in response to what the market needs.”   


ZIMonitor is a combination of monitoring and reefer services. For the pharmaceutical industry, it is designed to comply with the Good Distribution Practice (GDP).



The service is also suited to any high value cargo that can benefit from constant monitoring of temperature, location, door status and other parameters.





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