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ICTT leads in container handling efficiency in South: DP Wor

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DP World, with a portfolio of more than 65 marine terminals across six continents, today claimed its Vallarpadam International Container Transshipment Terminal, Cochin, is ahead in Container Handling efficiency in south India with an average move of 30 Gross Crane rate per hour.


Jibu Kurien Itty, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), DP World Cochin said in a statement, the number of vessels calling in at ICTT has increased by 11% this year as compared to last year.


The company said with more and more vessels coming to Kochi, the connectivity which Kochi offers is by far one of the best in south India.


The statement said that "The export-import traffic from Kochi, through the International Container Transshipment Terminal (ICTT) has seen a steep rise in the past two-three months.”


It added that Vallarpadam ICTT, the first-ever dedicated transshipment and gateway hub in India, has shown steady positive growth for the last seven consecutive months and is on a high after handling 51 vessels in August 2015, 52 vessels in September and 58 vessels in October with a 16% increase in volume year-on-year and an improved month-on-month throughput for the last seven months.


The state-of-the-art infrastructure and high productivity at Vallarpadam have contributed to faster vessel turnaround time, enabling the terminal handle a higher number of vessels with a capacity to handle even more vessels.


"There are also four weekly services to the Middle East. Two direct services to Europe and connectivity to US East coast through hubs in Damietta and Haifa."


"In addition to this, ICTT Vallarpadam recently called in a new service 'Great Sea Vembanad' which provides an opportunity for the Mangalore trade to connect to direct sailings from Cochin to Europe, the Middle East and the Mediterranean ports," it said.


The company said Vallarpadam is also well connected to Colombo with three feeders every week. Minimum deviation from the East-West trade route has motivated more Shipping lines to opt to call at ICTT.


"Improved road and rail connectivity have substantially reduced the transit time and logistics cost; making Cochin Port a preferred gateway for exports and imports from/to the hinterland," it added.


Anil Singh, Senior VP and Managing Director, DP World Subcontinent, said, "The confidence of our partners, the local community and our customers has helped us achieve this remarkable growth.”





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