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TIFFA EDI Held Seminar on ‘e-AWB & e-Freight’ in Thailan

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TIFFA EDI Services recently conducted a Seminar on ‘e-AWB & e-Freight’ in Bangkok, Thailand to share the details of significant inroads made by them in ‘e-AWB & e-freight’ space. TIFFA team presented a detailed overview of e-AWB filing process through TIFFAs platform and a multitude of benefits being derived from it by the Thai cargo stakeholders like- Forwarders, Airlines, Airport cargo handlers amongst others.


The seminar showcased how the e-AWB process discipline works round the clock, helps build process efficiencies, save costs, ensure data accuracy and ultimately helps forwarders and other cargo stakeholder’s move towards attaining e-Freight.


Prem Jaliyawatwong, perishables cargo sale manager, Harpers Freight Int'l Air Cargo Co., Ltd. said, “TIFFA EDI is doing a remarkable work. Their actions so far speak much louder than their words, as was demonstrated in the seminar, which was very informative and it actually made us aware on how exactly our forwarding community can be readied for adoption of e-AWB & e-Freight. It addressed all our concerns including expected tangible benefits that we can possibly realize and the kind of service levels we can expect. The best part is, it does not require much upfront investment and we need not change our existing systems.”


Rodrigo Reyes, regional manager airport, Passenger, Cargo & Security Asia-pacific - IATA commented, “TIFFA EDIs platform is definitely the kind of technology that can help us drive the e-Freight program. It is extensive and very methodical in covering the most important aspects on the road map namely- Single Track & Trace, e-Booking, Push FMA/ FNA, PDF capture, e-Weight slip, e-Docket, EDI and Dashboard. The seminar was especially helpful for the industry to understand how e-AWB and e-Freight adoption can be accelerated by offering multiple deployment options. Their expanding reach with Forwarder, Airlines and Airport cargo handlers alike is a big plus.”


“The key differentiator of working with TIFFA EDI team is the fact that we not only have the most robust platform but also a streamlined e-AWB onboarding process. Our experts hold hands to understand customer operations, are completely involved in their strategic planning to make e-AWB/e-Freight adoption a success and ensure close cooperation between the customer, Airlines and the Airport GHA.” said Anusorn Lovichit, managing director, TIFFA EDI Services Co. Ltd.


“It is very heartening to see the growing interest of Thai community in e-freight. TIFFA EDI has tremendous experience in implementing EDI in Thailand market; they have already successfully helped the community in becoming compliant with The Royal Thai Customs EDI requirement. They have a very good understanding of the Thai market, the roadblocks in implementing EDI in Thailand and the solutions that will make EDI work. We are very proud of our partnership with TIFFA EDI and we know that with the airline EDI expertise of Kale, the know-how of TIFFA EDI of Thailand market and their exquisite service; Thailand will be taking significant strides in e-AWBs,” said Amar More, director, Kale Logistics Solutions.





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