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Agents Wanted by Newtrans

Time:2010-06-09 17:33 Source: Writer: Click:Times

After cautious considering and planning, Shanghai Newtrans Technology Co., Ltd presents Sales Agency Mechanism in 1 April 2009 when the main product Ocean and Air forwarder solution can maintain high quality.

During the sustaining developing and innovation, Ocean and Air forwarder system is proved that it has high adaptability and advanced and gains better public praise by the customers. The mission of this mechanism is to expand the distribution channels about the system and assist partner to enhance the brand image.

According to the situation, the company can choose the partner level which fits them: basic partner, ordinary partner and core partner. Newtrans is willing to try its best to support partner creating profits and competitiveness.

The Sales Agency Mechanism has moved to business, the company can apply by both online application and traditional application. We look forward to joining us from you...... +86-21-53930298 Mr. Shen and Miss. Xu





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