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Professional and Advanced Technology

Ocean and Air forwarder solution focuses on the requirements of information management about developing small and medium-size freight forwarding enterprises. The solution is the product which is combined with Newtrans's advanced experience about software services, and latest management image and business processes about logistics by information technologies. It can provide professional and accurate services which included the needs of localization about businesses and sustained development for small and medium-sized logistics enterprises to solve managerial issues.


Fully fit the needs of localization: flexible rules for different account book in multi-branch, creating invoice with combined freights or separated part of single freight, AP/AR, writing of unearned receive and advance, diversity currencies audit, auto adjustment about exchange rate and etc.

Orderly financial management

Support revenue-income principle and provide accurate audit about performance of sales and performance of departments. In the complete AR/AP procedure including freight input, AR/AP strike and create voucher, Ocean and Air forwarder solution can settle these transaction smoothly with China's account principles. All these can assist accountants to simplify relative jobs and deal with further financial management.

Data exchange

Provide universal EDI interface to realize online booking and connecting with professional financial software (UFIDA's U8, Kingdee's K/3 and etc) to audit the general ledger, itemized account, cash account and bank account. This can increase the scripless operation, and avoid mistakes and decrease costs.


Support rigorous management about right control. According to different job or responsibility, the system sets relative limitations not only for data access but also for module function.

Easy to customization

It is easy to expand functions as the modularization about functional menu.

Transaction reminding

During the operational process and actual practices, users can customize the main point in process. Then Ocean and Air forwarder solution would remind users what to do next or release alerts once meet mistakes. Under that, the users can avoid some errors caused by omission and delay.

Comprehensive Support and Develop Together

In order to utilize resources effective and realize win-win situation, Newtrans is willing to give our partner essential help.

On Free Trial

Newtrans provides free trial about Ocean and Air forwarder solution to our partners on product Demo plant (http://demo.newtrans.net), which can help our partners understand the product further and assist to the marketing. In addition, the partner also can provide permission to the potential customers which can realize diversified marketing ways and utilization first risk, and decline the risk.

Periodic Training and Lecture

Newtrans provide periodic training and lecture to help partner learn how to implement maintenance and operate ROUTE 5™. This can help them complete their own projects effectively and efficiently.


Newtrans provide periodic training and lecture to help partner learn how to implement maintenance and operate Ocean and Air forwarder solution. This can help them complete their own projects effectively and efficiently.

Appropriate Propaganda

Newtrans will provide certain propaganda to decrease the risks about partners. We ensure that we will make promotion on professional magazines termly to keep high reputation of our product.

The Implement

At the mention of the detailed implement, the partners of Newtrans can choose self implement or precative implement according to their situations.

Self Implement

Generally speaking, the partners should have high technology and capacity if they need self implement. Meanwhile Newtrans provide relative training, FAQ, Installation, operation declaration and etc.

Precative Implement

To our partner, they will meet some difficulties during the implement of the project. Do not worry; you can devolve Newtrans to implement the project. Base on the technology, Newtrans suggests basic partners had better adopt precative implement, the core partner can adopt low-cost way—self implement. Attention will be given to the ordinary partner. This kind of partner should be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Less Limitation and Better Perspective

The mission of his agency way is to realize "low investment, low technology, low risks". According to this way, the agencies do not need plenty of agency fee, do not have the pressure in development, do not worry about seeking suitable product. The only thing you should do is to combine your enthusiasm and wisdom to utilize local advantages to promote Newtrans's product and enhance self fame popularity.


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